Migrating from Octopress to Ghost

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I recently switched from the world of static site generation to Ghost. I was using Octopress for the last few years. It worked pretty well, but I found the barrier to writing was pretty high for me (it doesn't take much).

I blog so infrequently that I would have to consult the documentation or code to remember how to create a new post. It's not difficult by any means, just...one more step.


The migration was pretty straightforward. I used this script to export all my posts to json for easy import in to Ghost. I don't have too many posts so it was probably easier than for most. Ghost is not too flexible with permalinks yet. You can either choose to include the date in your links or use no date and just the title slug.

Ghost supports the following permalink styles:


My octopress blog was using month and year:


To redirect links from the year/month/slug format, I created 301 redirects to new links in apache with the following:

RewriteRule /\d{4}/\d{2}/([\w-]*?)/?$ $1 [R]  

I like Ghost so far, it's really pretty and makes writing easier and more fun.


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